Plan rates guide

Entrance fee 0 yen! The cost of living, including accommodation and meals, is at a secure price!

Parent and child course (with 6 lessons / day / weekdays 3 meals)

1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks

8 weeks

12 weeks

24 weeks


USD $711

USD $1,326

USD $1,871

USD $2,400

USD $4,383

USD $6,147

USD $10,217

Child (first person)

USD $640

USD $1,193

USD $1,684

USD $1,975

USD $3,944

USD $5,532

USD $9,195

Children (2nd-)

USD $605

USD $1,128

USD $1,592

USD $1,855

USD $3,725

USD $5,224

USD $8,684

One-to-one business course (7 lessons / day)

1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks

8 weeks

12 weeks

24 weeks

Single Room

USD $887

USD $1,655

USD $2,338

USD $2,811

USD $5,415

USD $7,492

USD $12,172

(Plan with dinner)

USD $910

USD $1,701

USD $2,407

USD $2,904

USD $5,600

USD $7,769

USD $12,727

2/3 room

USD $758

USD $1,405

USD $1,973

USD $2,341

USD $4,597

USD $6,452

USD $10,794

(Plan with dinner)

USD $781

USD $1,450

USD $2,042

USD $2,433

USD $4,782

USD $6,730

USD $11,348

※ It is a charge per person. All prices include tax.
※ Affiliated hotel「Sarrosa International Hotel」(Deluxe Room)In addition to the above rates, you can stay for USD$36 per night.
※ Enrollment day and study abroad period are free. We will estimate according to your desired period (days)."Consultation form for studying abroad"Please contact us from
※ The school will be closed on holidays in the Philippines. For more information"Closed school schedule"Please confirm.


Confident one-on-one lessons. We introduce recommended course that "speaking power" learns!

Parent and child course

It is a course that parents and children can enjoy English conversation happily.

OK from 0 years old. Even small children can learn with peace of mind, as they have English instructors who are licensed by nurses and nurses, and have English play. Depending on the age, various programs are prepared, and without getting tired, it is characterized by the fact that naturally living English can be acquired. It is a popular course with many parents who are impressed by the growth of their children and many repeaters.

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One-to-one course

General English Level Ⅰ-Ⅷ(Junior, Intermediate, and Superior)

It is a course that you can learn in a variety of teachers and one-on-one. OK from the beginner.
This is an original program tailored to the individual's level, to talk on a good subject, to challenge a weak field, to learn and practice a phrase often used in daily life, to have free composition, to speak English naturally naturally It is a feature to improve. If you ask questions that you want to know actively, not passively, the growth rate is infinite. Popular with seniors. It is a course of best practice.

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Business course

Business English LevelⅠ-Ⅷ(Junior, Intermediate, and Superior)

This course is recommended for those who want to use in specialized fields, want to improve their TOEIC score and focus on the business scene. This one-to-one class offers you the ability to focus on improving your ability in a short period of time, with programs that can enhance your overall ability, such as listening, reading, etc., by developing conversations that focus on themes and situations. A special training program that aims to give presentations in English is also popular.

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Online course

Even after returning to Japan, we support online courses (Skype) with Takahari instructors.
You can continue to improve your "living English ability" while maintaining the level of ability you have acquired in your study abroad.
Those who are considering studying abroad can also take online courses as pre-study before studying abroad.

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Expenses included in the above amount

  • Entrance fee (0 yen)
  • Lesson fee
  • Accommodation fees
  • Water and utilities
  • Meal cost (Monday-Friday morning noon 2 meals or morning noon 3 evenings)
  • Clothes cleaning fee (twice a week)
  • Room cleaning fee (once a week)
  • Text fee
  • Student card (ID card) issuance cost

Incidental service (free)

  • Airport pickup (airport → school) service
  • Use of campus internet (Wi-Fi / optical line)

Incidental service (charged)

  • Pocket Wi-Fi Rental Service
    (For rental costs, see "About the school facilities and environment" in Q & A )
  • Airport SENDING (School → Airport) Service: $29 USD
    ※ Only when studying abroad with only children
    ※ When leaving from late morning to early morning (22:00 to 7:00): $10++ USD
  • Childcare services outside of lesson hours
    : $10 USD / 60 minutes

Separately required expenses

  • SSP (special study abroad permit) acquisition fee: USD$130
  • VISA extension fee: Necessary if more than 30 days.
    (It depends on the period so we will notify you individually)
  • Return fare (school → airport) taxi fare: $5-$7 USD
  • Mactan Cebu International Airport Tax: $17 USD
    ※ Please pay by cash at the airport upon your return.