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Takahari serves a complete course from starter to business english class.

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Voice of alumni

TAKA HARI ENGLISH ACADEMY Alumni's experiences of studying in abroad.


Kaori Matsuo


I worked as a nurse in Japan. I wanted to challenge my work holiday and came to Cebu as a preparation period before that. The distance to the teacher was so close that I was able to enjoy the lessons. I wanted to talk more with my teachers, and I was even more motivated. What I experienced in Takahari in Cebu was much more wonderful than I imagined!

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Parent-child course (2 weeks)

My husband studied business skills, my daily conversation, and my son and daughter studied English. Despite a short period of time, I feel great growth, especially for my 4-year-old son. Even after returning to Japan, I went out and started saying “cloudy!” It was really good to study abroad! What I experienced at TAKAHARI is an important treasure for my family. Not only children, I also want to be able to speak English, and now I think so.

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Ken Hirayama


Filipino teachers are sociable and cheerful and I love them. I think that my cheeky and inferior parts have grown a little thanks to the teachers. I have studied in Canada for one year, in Hawaii for four months, and in three countries including Cebu, but I feel that my SPEAKING skills are the best in five months in Cebu. Unlike other language schools, teachers also teach hotly. Takahari is a cozy environment. I’m really grateful to my parents who sent me from Japan and the teachers who taught me many things in Cebu.
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Hiroto Fuji

man to man course

Filipino teachers are very social and bright and I love them. I think my sassy part, the inferior part, have grown up a little thanks to the teachers. I studied in Canada in three countries including one year in Canada, four months in Hawaii, and Cebu, but I realize that five months in Cebu are the most advanced in SPEAKING skills. Unlike other language schools, teachers also teach us passionately. Takahari is a homely environment. The last thing I want to say after finishing my study abroad is to thank my parents who sent me out of Japan and the teachers who taught me a lot on Cebu.

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Tomoyoshi Miura

One-to-one course

I became 18 years old while studying in Takahari! I was born in China and spent 5 years in Japan from 13 years old. I decided to study abroad in Cebu, hoping to learn English for the future. Everyone at Takahari was friendly and had fun studying! I felt that I could change especially in my speaking class and improve my English skills, and that the teachers were all friendly and open my heart because of the improvement in my speaking skills! I played basketball and soccer with other students, and my roommates are close to the year, so I have a good memory as I talked a lot!

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Toda Akira / Mari / Rika / Haru

Parent and child course (10 days)

It’s a family of four, my sister and brother who are good friends with each other, a mom who is also a graduate student, and a dad who always watches gently. “I enjoy the resort,” “playing with my family,” and “learning English,” usually a disjointed destination, I think it is possible to realize three things at once, one can enjoy Cebu, studying abroad. Families can enjoy each other, share fun time and learn. Cebu is close to four and a half hours, I also like the warmth. Also, I would like to go regularly for about a month!

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Mariha Kajimoto

One-to-one course (2 months)

I worked as a nurse in Tokyo for four years. I was thinking about a working holiday to Canada, so before that I decided to study abroad as I wanted to improve my English skills. Studying abroad was also a great experience as I was able to get in touch with the culture of that country.
I thought that what was important in studying abroad was to be proactive and proactive in sending information from yourself rather than being passive. I am really grateful to the teachers and staff who gave me this opportunity.

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Mao Yamazaki

One-to-one course (2 months)

I was working in Tokyo, but I retired from my childhood dream of living in a foreign country and are currently studying English. Before going to Canada, I studied abroad to get used to English. The teachers are all bright and really kind. In addition to the meaning in the dictionary, I could touch “raw English” such as the actual usage and the English nuances. Takahari, where I can feel the local atmosphere at home, was a very good environment for me. I will not forget my memories with the teachers. I will do my best in Canada!

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Kayoko Kobayashi

One-to-one course (3 weeks)

After joining the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, I became an elementary school teacher and currently work as a teacher in Yokohama City. I have always wanted to be able to speak English, and I challenged myself in various ways, but I was not able to wear it. I decided to study abroad, hoping to change from the environment and study carefully during summer vacation. It’s been a while since I studied so much. Three weeks were really fulfilling in no time. I want my teachers to see me continuing studying and studying abroad again.

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Kumiko Nihei / Ria

Parent and child course (2 weeks)

Ibaraki Prefecture. It is a single mother with a 3-year-old daughter. I decided to study abroad because I thought that I was no good because I can not speak English at a company I manage. The lessons were really fun! It was a really good class that I thought it would be nice if I had more time, as it was 50 minutes per class. Taking part in the tour and experiencing how blessed Japan is, spending two weeks in Takahari is a treasure of life.

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